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The SFO terminals are four in total and are looped together in such a way that makes transferring between them through the designated transport system easier and more accessible.
This is of particular interest for travelers with Air Canada because this airline often operates flights through terminals that are meant to serve flights within the country. It is, at the end of the day, considered an international airline, and thus it sometimes also operates from the International Terminal.

As stated, transferring between the terminals is never an issue. So if you find yourself unexpectedly at the wrong terminal, you can be in the right one within mere minutes using the AirTrain.

Arrivals Terminal:

Besides the fact that your Air Canada flight could operate from either domestic terminal and even the international terminal, there is also the notion of a codeshare flight. Such a flight basically means that although you have booked your ticket with a specific airline, said airline may be partnered with yet another company that will operate the flight instead.
Due to that, it may be difficult to predict where your flight with this airline company will land exact.

However, the Air Canada airline company officially uses Terminal 2 for most of its services. You may still find your flight arriving at either Terminal 3 or the International Terminal as well.
To be certain, check out the information on all flights arriving today at the SFO here.

Departures Terminal:

As with the arriving flights with this company, your Air Canada flights are most likely to depart from Terminal 2.

This, however, does not negate the possibility of departing from Terminal 3 or the International Terminal. This is especially true for codeshare flights.

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As previously discussed, this airline company is part of an alliance that allows for the codesharing of flights.

Air Canada is particularly able to operate codeshare flights with both United Airlines and Air New Zealand at the SFO. This is thanks to the fact that all three companies are members of the incredible Star Alliance. In fact, it is the single largest alliance of airline companies in the world!