Bus at the San Francisco International Airport SFO

Of the many choices of transportation one can take, taking the public bus may be the most convenient in terms of getting to and from set locations at the most affordable prices!

Taking a San Francisco bus to airport (SFO) means that you will board the SamTrans. You can catch this bus from downtown San Fran, or from any of its other stops across the county! The SamTrans buses to San Francisco airport are along the Route 292, Route 398, and Route 140.

The specifics of each are as follows:

The 292 takes you to San Fran and the Hillside mall, the 398 takes you to San Fran as well, but also the Redwood City Transit Center, and the 140 takes you to Manor/Palmetto.





Where do I catch the buses at each terminal?

At the airport itself, each bus also stops at different locations across the terminals and centers on the premises of the establishment. Here is the full breakdown:

The 292 stops are the following locations at the airport (across all terminals):

  • At the third terminal, the 292 can be found near Courtyard 4
  • At the International Terminal, the 292 waits for passengers near zones A and G
  • It also conveniently passes by the specified center for car rental agencies
  • The maintenance center that is specific to United Airlines
  • The business center
  • And finally, the West Field Road

Note that the 292 does not stop at the first couple of terminals.

The 398 stops at the same locations as the 292 at Terminal 3 and the International Terminal. These are the only airport stops of the 398.

The 140 does not stop at any terminal, but instead goes to the Car Rental Center, as well as the United Airlines Maintenance Center.

If you find yourself at one terminal and need to be at another to catch the bus, then worry not, as there are inter-terminal transportation services that carry passengers around the airport locations promptly and even for free!

To check out the up-to-date 292 bus schedule San Francisco and the schedule of other buses, along with the fares and ticket options, head on over to the SamTrans website for all the details.

San Francisco airporter bus and hotel shuttles

Many people are often unaware of the option of taking an airporter bus. These buses carry the same concept of the regular public buses, with the one major difference being that they are run by private companies. There are many companies that operate such buses, and many of them allow you to book a ticket right there on the spot at the airport.

The other option is an airport shuttle. If you’re staying at a hotel in the city, no matter how far it may be from the airport, inquire about the availability of an airport shuttle. These services are generally free of charge (provided by the hotel to their customers) and are very convenient since they take customers directly to the hotel from the airport. No stops or rounds around the city needed!