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The SFO offers a host of options of transportation to choose from. Public and private buses, taxis, shuttles, limousines, private rental cars, rideshare taxis, and even trains; the options are extremely varied. This is most definitely necessary for an airport that is of the enormity and caliber of the SFO.

The variety ensures that everyone has a ride of their liking and one that fits their every need. Even accessible vehicles for those with disabilities are available. Such accessible cars are in the form of taxis from the private companies that operate on the premises of the SFO, or they can be rental cars of the rental car agencies also on the premises. Just remember to always call and book ahead of time for such options to make sure that they definitely have the right vehicle for you!

caltrain route map

One mode of transportation, however, is not particularly on-site. That is the popular Caltrain. Nevertheless, the SFO still finds a way to connect its millions of passengers to it through simplified connections. Hence, the Caltrain is considered yet another mode of transportation offered at the SFO!

San Francisco Airport to Caltrain Station

With the significant distance between the SFO and the Caltrain stations, you may be wondering just how to reach Caltrain station from the SFO?

  • The answer is quite simple – you connect through BART. This is another popular mode of transportation that has its own platform at the airport.
  • The location is within the International Terminal. Precisely, you can find the platform not far from boarding zone G.
  • From there, the BART can take passengers to the Millbrae Station, where the Caltrain connects.
  • If you find yourself at a terminal other than the International Terminal, then that’s an easy fix! Simply hop on an AirTrain shuttle, which transports passengers throughout the airport within minutes! It is a completely free service, and the AirTrain stops can be found just about anywhere in the airport.

Caltrain Schedule

The Caltrain is incredibly convenient, and passengers use it to connect to San Francisco, San Jose, and even Gilroy. To make use of the Caltrain services and to plan ahead for your exciting trip to the area, make sure to check out the detailed Caltrain schedule.

To explore the constantly updated weekday schedule in great detail, check out this page here. For the same information concerning the weekend schedule, press here.
Plan well and enjoy your trip!