Taxi San Francisco International Airport

The transportation options at the SFO are quite varied and range from renting a private car or even a limousine, to taking the public (or private) bus or a shuttle to your hotel. The one option, however, that often sticks out is the choice to catch a cab.

Travelers often prefer getting taxis over other transportation options due to the fact that they are certainly able to get to their destinations quicker than through other methods of transportation, as well as the ability to be able to sit back in your own private car and relax while you are driven to your destination of choice.

Thus, the verdict is that taxis are both convenient and can even be affordable options at times, depending on your intended destination, as well as other factors that may come into play, such as weather conditions and national holidays.

Taxi San Francisco International Airport

At the SFO, several companies are ready to assist and drive you wherever you want, through the vehicle of your choice. If you book in advance, you may be able to specify your specific needs and preferences. These may include getting a car or a van with a car seat for a child or a baby, or even a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

All of these factors depend on the company that you choose to work with and how far in advance you book with them. Some companies may even offer that your designated driver meet you inside the airport to help you carry your baggage!

SFO Airport Taxis location

Within every terminal, there is a specific location through which you can pick up a cab. These locations are deemed the ‘taxi zones’ and you can find arrows and signs throughout each terminal pointing you towards them.

Every taxi zone is generally on the same level as the Arrivals and Baggage Claim (for added convenience and to make your journey across the airport run faster). At the level, you can head over to the roadway center island where the taxi zones should be found.

If you cannot find the taxi zone at your terminal, head over to one of the many information booths and ask for assistance. The employees would be glad to direct you to the right way.

San Francisco Airport taxi service

While a taxi from SFO to downtown may take you around 30 minutes, the estimated ride time varies depending on where you may be headed.

Some of the most popular destinations that passengers take from the airport, using taxis, are:

  • Downtown San Francisco
  • South San Francisco
  • Hillsborough
  • San Bruno
  • San Jose
  • Brisbane

The estimated duration per ride is not the only thing that varies based on destination, the fares also change accordingly. The fares also change according to the company whose services you are utilizing, the weather at the time of the trip, rush hour, national holidays, as well as other unexpected or unaccounted for conditions.

The SFO taxi service companies include:

Yellow Can San Francisco – +1 415 333 3333
Airport Taxi Cab – +1 650 593 1234
Taxi Cab Service SFO – +1 650 766 8822