Flights SFO airport

The SFO has always been a vital airport connecting passengers between different states in the country and connecting passengers to nearly every other continent.
Flights SFO airport

The importance of the airport to the geographical areas it serves is also undeniable. These attributes, and more, explain why the SFO gets tens of millions of visitors each and every year.

The monthly average of flyers passing through the airport is generally between 350k and 550k people. The SFO also operates a magnificent 30k+ flights each and every month to accommodate for the sheer amount of people.

Flights SFO airport

The country that has the most flights to and from the airport include the United States, as the domestic flights within the country have close to 200 different routes. Next place goes to our neighbor from the north, Canada, with 13 different routes, and the third place goes to our neighbor from the south, Mexico, with 11 different routes. Interestingly enough, Japan is the country that occupies the fourth place with 8 different routes.


The most individual cities with routes to and from the SFO are:

  • Los Angeles, California with 11 routes alone
  • Tokyo, Japan, with 8 routes
  • Phoenix, Arizona with 6 routes
  • And sharing the spot with Phoenix is Las Vegas, Nevada with 6 routes as well.

Flights from San Francisco

When it comes to departing flights from San Francisco Airport, you can find the detailed and updated information here.

Amongst the top destinations within the country include:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York City (JFK), New York
  • Chicago (O’Hare), Illinois

And amongst the top international destinations, we have:

  • London (Heathrow)
  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei

Flights from San Francisco

Each and every one of these aforementioned international destinations carries on average more than a million passengers per year!

Flights into San Francisco

Flights coming into the airport are plenty as the SFO has become not only a vital airport serving its surrounding geographical regions, but also a hub for transiting passengers.

You can check the status of arriving flights into San Francisco Airport here.
You might be wondering about the in-depth analysis of the flights coming into the airport, and you would be impressed by the statistics, which are as follows:

  • 78% of flights are on time
  • 20.4% of flights are late
  • 0.3% of flights are very late
  • 1.2% of flights are cancelled

flight tracker sfo

San Francisco Airport flight tracker

If you have an upcoming SFO flight today, or you are picking someone up from the SFO soon, it may be beneficial to check flight status San Francisco Airport, which can be done at this page.

Similarly, an organized flight tracker can be found here, and detailed flight-gate information can be found here.