AirTrain at SFO

This service that the SFO is a shuttle that transports people across varied locations across the airport. From terminals to parking zones.

The AirTrain is important as it operates on a 24/7 basis and helps in transferring people quickly and efficiently throughout the establishment. It is also completely free to use, and flyers can take their luggage with them on board. Service animals and transported crated animals are also allowed. In addition to that, bicycles may also be permitted on board.

This convenient service is used constantly by visitors to the airport, and although it works non-stop, the travel times may vary slightly between the times of 11:00 pm and 5:00 am. The usual working time is that the train arrives every 4-5 minutes.

To inquire about the destinations and the running time of this service, you can get informed at any of the information booths near and around the stations. You may even call the AirTrain customer service line at +1 800 435 9736.

AirTrain sfo airport

AirTrain at SFO

The train runs on two different lines, with each line following a different route and encompassing different destinations across its path. Furthermore, one path is relatively shorter than the other, even though both run in a circular direction and loop around the airport as they go from one destination to the next on a non-stop basis.

Red and blue are the two separate routes. The red stops at each terminal, each terminal’s parking garage, on-site hotel, and BART platform.

The blue line takes a longer route, covering the same stops as the red line as well as the long-term parking lot and the Car Rental facility.

San Francisco train to airport

You’ll probably board the BART if you want to go by train from San Francisco to the airport SFO. The good news is that the AirTrain lines red and blue stop at every BART platform at SFO. This implies that you can board an AirTrain and go to any terminal of your choice as soon as you arrive at the airport via BART.

The contrary is also true, as you can exit the airport by traveling to a BART station using the AirTrain. You can even go to Millbrae Station, where you may board a Caltrain, after using the BART.
At the SFO, Garage C is where you’ll find the BART platform. Both lines pass this stop, as was previously mentioned.

SFO AirTrain schedule and locations

If you’re wondering exactly where you can board the AirTrain at each terminal, you may do so at level 3 at the first three terminals and level 5 in their parking garages, level 4 at the International Terminal and level 7 in its own parking garage.

Even though it is anticipated that the AirTrain will pass by around every four minutes, it is best to check the timetable and the precise locations and routes when making travel arrangements.
You can check the blue line schedule here. Specifics about the red line can be checked here.