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With airlines such as Air New Zealand, making long trips to and from destinations such as the SFO are laudable. Passengers going through the SFO on such trips are ensured maximum comfort either in preparation to their long journey or after such a journey.

For this reason, the SFO has prepared facilities and services throughout every terminal to guarantee a smooth and easy trip across the airport.
One of such facilities is the AirTrain that allows passengers to be transported from one location to another in the airport within minutes. This shuttle service is available for free, and is accessible from just about every corner of the facility.

Air New Zealand sfo airport

Arrivals Terminal:

As Air New Zealand is the official airline of its native country, it is considered an international airline at the SFO and is thus greeted accordingly. The international flights at the airport arrive at the International Terminal most of the times.
For flights that codeshare with another airline, this isn’t always the case. Typically, certain airlines fly under codesharing agreements with one another as part of alliances with other airlines. This company is no different, and a few of its affiliated airlines run out of and land at several different terminals, mainly the second and third terminals. As a result, it’s possible that your flight will land at a one of those.
To be certain of which terminal your Air New Zealand flight is arriving at, check out this page.

Departures Terminal:

Flights operated by Air New Zealand out of SFO are subject to the same regulations. This implies that although while your flight gate will likely be at the international terminal, you shouldn’t be shocked if it is shown as being in either Terminal 2 or Terminal 3.

This is especially true of codeshare flights run by airlines with American bases.

Visit this page to learn information about the gate and terminal for your scheduled Air New Zealand flight at SFO.


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With Air New Zealand being a member of the largest airline alliance in the world, the Star Alliance, it is thus partnered with several companies at the SFO.
These companies include both domestic and international ones such as the Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, United Airlines, and even Air Canada.