Alaska Airlines



Phone number: 800.252.7522

Arrivals Terminal:

One of the several American-based airlines that fly out of the SFO is Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines passengers are welcomed at Terminal 2 of the airport’s three terminals designated for domestic flights.

There is a chance that your aircraft will land at the International Terminal because of this airline’s extensive international network.

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Departures Terminal:

Alaska Airlines typically operates its departure flights out of Terminal 2, where you may find your gate on the third floor of the terminal.

If you find your flight leaving from the International Terminal, which is a possibility, then your gate will be at Zone A.

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You can also check out the Alaska Airlines lounge that is conveniently located at the second level of Terminal 2.

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To check out the status of any flight at the SFO, check out this page.
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Alaska Airlines is a member of the great OneWorld alliance. This membership allows it to expand its reach and connect with other airlines around the world.

At the SFO, this airline connects with Air New Zealand to codeshare flights with one another, which is one of the reasons as to why your Alaska Airlines flights may operate from the International Terminal.