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All Nippon Airways, or ANA, is a Japanese-based airline with operations both inside and outside of Japan. The SFO happens to be one of this airline’s main destinations among its many destinations outside of its home country.

All Nippon flights land at the International Terminal at SFO. Flights operated by this airline may also touch down at SFO’s Terminal 2 or possibly Terminal 3.

The SFO terminal where your All Nippon flight will land may be found here.

Departures Terminal:

Most Nippon flights out of SFO depart from the International Terminal, while there is a chance they could also leave from Terminal 3. This is why it is wise to check the details of your flight in advance. The details of your leaving All Nippon flights from the SFO can be found here.


Check out this page to inquire about the status of any flight leaving from or coming into the SFO.

And press here to find out about the flight schedules of all the SFO flights.


All Nippon Airways – ANA is a member of the Star Alliance. This alliance is the largest in the world and benefits All Nippon by connecting it with many airlines around the globe.

This airline mainly links with United Airlines and Avianca at the SFO.

Some All Nippon flights at SFO operate at terminals other than the international one due to this arrangement.