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American Airlines sfo airport

The airport is composed of around four different terminals, and they are interconnected by the AirTrain system. This service connects terminals with one another and with other various locations across the territory of the airport.

Each of the terminals serves a significant purpose, and the terminal through which your flight will either depart from or land at will depend on the airline itself.

The flights that operate to and from destinations within the United States itself arrive at and depart from one of the three terminals labeled one through three.

Arrivals Terminal:

American Airlines operates not only flights within the country, but also flies to locations across the border. This ultimately signifies that the terminal through which your flight will arrive at (or even depart from) with this airline will depend on your destination.

However, it is possible to narrow it down to the single most common terminal through which most American Airlines flights arrive at. And that terminal happens to be the first terminal (aka Terminal 1).

This does not negate the possibility of finding your flight arriving at the second terminal, or even the International Terminal. As previously mentioned, this depends on where your flight is coming from.

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Departures Terminal:

In preparing for your American Airlines flight departing from the SFO, the same information stated above is relevant here. The terminal you are most likely to find your check-in desk and gate at is Terminal 1. Yet, depending on your final destination along with other factors, your gate may be either at Terminal 2 or the International Terminal.

To inquire about the location of the gate of your American Airlines flight at the SFO, press here.


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There is another reason as to why your flight may arrive at or operate from a different terminal, and that is codeshare flights. Codeshare flights are those that an airline company shares with an allied company and can thus be subject to rules and regulations of the latter company.

In other words, American Airlines is a member of the OneWorld alliance, which allows it to share flights with other airlines, which ultimately means operating at different terminals.

Some of these allied airline companies at the SFO include:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Fiji Airway
  • Iberia
  • JetBlue Airways