Asiana Airlines



Phone number: +16508773010

Arrivals Terminal:

Asiana Airlines is a very prominent airline company in South Korea. It operates flights both domestically in its country and internationally. Of its many international destinations, the SFO is a popular destination.

Upon arrival at the SFO, Asiana is greeted at the International Terminal. Occasionally, this airline may land at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3.

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Departures Terminal:

In great similarity with the arriving Asiana flights, the departing flights operate from the International Terminal. They could oftentimes operate from Terminal 3 when the flight is a codeshare flight with another airline company.

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Note that the lounge that Asiana customers are allowed into is the United Club lounge, located at the second level of Terminal 3.


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As Asiana is a member of the Star Alliance, it is able to codeshare flights with multiple airline companies. At the SFO, Asiana mainly codeshares flights with United Airlines.
This is the reason why your Asiana flight may operate from different terminals.