Cathay Pacific



Phone number: +1 415-982-3242

Arrivals Terminal:

One of the several foreign airlines that fly into the SFO each year is Cathay Pacific. The International Terminal is where these airlines are often welcomed.

Your Cathay Pacific flight will land at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 if it is for some reason unable to land at the International Terminal, as is the case with codeshare flights.

The precise terminal where your Cathay flight will land at may be found here.

cathay sfo- irport airline

Departures Terminal:

Cathay Pacific primarily, and understandably, operates flights out of the International Terminal. Your check-in counter and gate are more specifically located on the third floor of the terminal, in Zone A.

The Cathay Pacific lounge is additionally situated at the International Terminal.

You’ll probably be traveling to Terminal 2 if it isn’t leaving from that terminal.

You should always acquire information regarding the departure time and location of your flight in advance, and you can do that for your future Cathay Pacific flight here.


The SFO flight tracker can be accessed here, while the status of flights are clearly displayed here.


Since Cathay Pacific has been a part of the OneWorld Alliance for some time, it has teamed up with numerous other businesses to codeshare flights. Alaska Airlines and American Airlines are the main airlines that operate codeshare flights with Cathay inside the SFO.