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With the SFO welcoming tens of millions of passengers each and every year, the only way to avoid overwhelming traffic at the airport is to distribute the fliers into designated facilties. That is exactly when the layout of the airport comes in handy.

The facility is architectured in such a way that it distributes passengers amongst four different terminals. Each of these terminals serves specific pursposes and caters to certain passengers and airlines.

Of these terminals, three handle domestic flights and flights to and from Canada, while the fourth one handles trips to and from countries across the border.

Emirates sfo airport

Arrivals Terminal:

With the knowledge of the terminals and their purposes, it makes sense that Emirates Airlines, which is headquartered in Dubai, in the U.A.E, is situated in the International Terminal.
Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. While this airline in particular is not a member of any alliance, it does occasionally codeshare flights with other companies.

Due to that, the flight can arrive at terminals different from the International Airport. To be more precise, your flight with Emirates may also arrive at Terminal 1.

Due to the slight uncertainty, you are welcome to review information on your Emirates flight arriving at the SFO here.

Departures Terminal:

Similar principles apply to Emirates flights departing from the SFO.

You are most likely to find your gate at the International Terminal, with a slight probability of finding it at Terminal 1.

To check the details about your Emirates flight departing from the SFO, press here.


It is always recommended that you check the details about your flight before the departure time or before the arrival time. Being prepared and familiar with what to expect might save you some valuable time and make your trip across the airport smoother.

Thus, we recommend checking the SFO flight tracker here and your flight status here.


WIth codesharing flights still being an option taken by Emirates Airlines despite the fact that this company is not a member of any alliance, then there is always a possibility that your flight can be found at another terminal. As discussed earlier, that terminal is most probably Terminal 1.

At the SFO, Emirates flights can be codeshared with JetBlue Airways and WestJet.

It might be important to note that transferring between terminals is not the hassle that it seems to be. It has actually been extremely facilitated by the introduction of the AirTrain. This service transports passengers between diffrent location on the premises of the SFO in minutes and without any charge.