Website: https://www.evaair.com/en-global/index.html

Phone number: 800.695.1188

Arrivals Terminal:

Eva Air is a Taiwanese airline company that travels to many different locations across the United States, with the SFO being one of them.

The flights of this airline generally arrive at the International Terminal. However, Eva Air does codeshare flights with other different airlines, meaning that these flights may not be housed at the International Terminal, but at any of the other three terminals in the airport instead.

Click here to get the specifics as to where your EVA Air flight will arrive at the SFO.

Departures Terminal:

Departing EVA Air flights are also housed in the International Terminal. Find your EVA Air check-in desks at the third level, with the gates being at Zone A.

If your flight is not operating from the International Terminal, then chances are that it is operating from Terminal 3.

To find out, ahead of time, which terminal your EVA Air flight will depart from, press here.


If you are interested in checking out the schedules of all flights (those of EVA Air included) leaving the SFO and arriving at it, press here.


With EVA Air being a member of the largest alliance of airlines in the world, the Star Alliance, it comes as no surprise that it codeshares a lot of flights with other companies. This is expected of airlines that are partnered through a mutual alliance.

At the SFO, EVA Air mainly codeshares flights with Avianca and Copa Airlines.