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The airport is primarily made up of four main terminals, each with its own concourses and zones. These terminals cater to specific passengers each, as the SFO expects up to a staggering 50 million visitors yearly.

Without this neat distribution of passengers into different terminals and zones, then the traffic of travelers at the airport would be unbearable!

One of these terminals handles all of the international flights. It is conveniently labeled as the International Terminal.

FrenchBee airline sfo

Arrivals Terminal:

As stated above, the International Terminal is the one that deals with all international flights. Flights taken by French Bee are no exception, and they are welcomed by this very terminal.
French Bee, as the name implies, is a France-based airline company. It has hit the market only recently in 2016 but has since taken the market by storm with its low-cost fares and international destination.

Find out more about your French Bee flight arriving at the SFO here.

Departures Terminal:

When departing from the SFO on your French Bee flight, you can also expect to find your gate at the International Terminal. This rule may be subject to change, and it is best to make sure of the information beforehand. You can check out details about your French Bee flight departing from the SFO here.


It may be more convenient to be able to track your flight accurately and on a constantly updated platform. Click here to be able to track flight details and find your flight based on either one of the flight number, route taken, or even just airline.

You can even conveniently find the status of your flight clearly stated here.


This airline does not codeshare flights with any other airline company, and instead, operates its own flights 100% of the time.
This is why it almost exclusively lands at and departs from the International Terminal. That definitely helps in minimizing confusion for their fliers at the SFO.