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Icelandair is, as is expected, the official airline company of the country of Iceland. This airline has several destinations around the world with the United States being one of them. In the United States, the SFO serves as a vital and major destination of the airline.

And although the airline is said to not have any particular terminal through which it may operate at on the grounds of the SFO, it does mostly arrive at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.
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Departures Terminal:

The departing flights of Icelandair also do not leave from any particular terminal at the SFO. However, they mostly leave from either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

The possibility of either terminal is due to the fact that some Icelandair flights may be codeshare flights with other airlines operating on the grounds of the airport.

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Icelandair is currently not a member of any alliance of airlines. Nonetheless, the airline has joint partnerships with several other airline companies. This is what allows it to have codeshare flights with the other companies.

At the SFO, the main partners of Icelandair are Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airways.