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The layout of the SFO allows passengers of different airlines to be neatly distributed to different terminals. For instance, the International Terminal, as the naming implies, handles international flights, and the terminals labeled one through three handle domestic flights in addition to flights to and from Canada.

This distribution is crucial for the avoidance of immense traffic at the airport and for the regulation of the flights. Passengers benefit by having less traffic and a smoother trip across the airport. They can also better enjoy the amenities offered at each terminal better.

JetBlue san francisko airport

Arrivals Terminal:

JetBlue Airways handles flight that are domestic and ones that are international, as this airline travels to and from over a hundred different locations.

The main terminal at the SFO through which you should expect your JetBlue flight to arrive at is Terminal 1. However, your international flight may be received at the International Airport.
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Departures Terminal:

When it comes to JetBlue flights departing from the SFO, the situation is more or less similar in the sense that you are most likely to find your fight gate at Terminal 1, with the additional possibility of finding it at the International Terminal.

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It is important to note that if you find yourself at a terminal that is not the terminal through which your flight is flying from, getting to the correct terminal is a piece of cake. Simply find the arrows pointing to the nearest AirTrain platform, board the shuttle that passes every four minutes or so, and get off at the correct stop. This service is completely free of charge and is meant to make inter-terminal transportation as simplistic and as quick as possible.


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Although one reason as to why your JetBlue flight at the SFO may operate from the International Terminal is due to the fact that it might be heading to an international destination, it is actually not the only reason. Flights of JetBlue may be operated by different companies as part of a codeshare flight agreement. This partnership is common amongst airline companies, and JetBlue is no exception.

Companies that may partner with JetBlue at the SFO include American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines.