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Phone number: 877.777.2827

Qatar Airways is a major airline company that operates to nearly two hundred destinations around the world. It is the official airline company of the country of Qatar, and it thus operates international flights.

International flights are housed in the International Airport at the SFO. And with that in mind, you can clearly expect your Qatar Airways flight to the SFO to be welcomed at the International Terminal.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, flights can be codeshared with other airline companies and can thus be expected to arrive at different terminals. So, if not at the International Terminal, you can expect your Qatar Airways flight to arrive at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

To be sure of the terminal you will arrive at, check out this page here.

Qatar Airways airlines sfo airport

Departures Terminal:

Similar rules apply to Qatar Airways flights leaving from the SFO, as they can expect to depart from the International Terminal mostly, with the occasional instances of departures from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

At the International Terminal, you may confidently head over to zone A to find your gate.

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To inquire more about flights heading to the SFO and leaving from it, check out the schedules here. For more specific information about the status of your upcoming flight to or from the SFO, press here.


As previously stated, Qatar Airways may operate flights as codeshare flights with other airlines. This has been facilitated by the OneWorld alliance that this company happens to be a member of.
At the SFO, Qatar Airways is able to codeshare flights with American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and also Iberia. This is the exact reason as to why your flights with Qatar Airways can sometimes be found at a terminal different from the International Terminal.