Scandinavian Airlines



Phone number: 800.221.2350

Arrivals Terminal:

The Scandinavian Airlines System, or SAS for short, is considered the official airline company for all three Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, or Sweden. The airline has hubs in all three capitals of these countries, and it operates flights between them and internationally.

When it comes to the SAS flights to the United States, the SFO is a vital destination of the airline. Upon arrival at the SFO, the airline is welcomed at the International Terminal. This is true most of the times. However, for the SAS flights that are codeshare flights with other airlines, then they may be welcomed at Terminal 3.

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Departures Terminal:

The SAS flights leaving from the SFO also do so from the International Terminal. The check-in gates of the SAS can be found at the third level of the terminal, while the gate can be found at Zone G.

As discussed with the arriving SAS flights, if the flight is a codeshare flight, then it is more likely that it will operate from Terminal 3 instead.

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The SAS is a StarAlliance member, and it is thus able to codeshare flights with other airlines. The main airline company that the SAS connects with at the SFO is United Airlines.