United Airlines

IATA Code: 016

Website: united.com

Phone number: 800.864.8331

The terminals of the airport are distributed to allow maximum comfort and ease for passengers through the airport.

Every year, tens of millions of visitors pass through the airport, and it would be impossible not to have such a distribution.

There are four main terminals in total, each catering to specific passengers. The first three terminals, labeled from one to three, mainly cater to passengers of domestic flights and also those flying to and from Canada. The other airport, deemed the International Airport, caters to passengers of international flights.

United Airlines sfo airport

Arrivals Terminal:

United Airlines plays a major role at the SFO and operates many different flights to different destinations both in and outside the country. For that reason, the terminal through which your flight may arrive at may be difficult to predict at times, as it is subject to change based on several factors.

Mainly, however, you are most likely to have your United Airline flight arrive at Terminal 3 at the SFO. Other terminals that may receive United Airlines flights include the International Terminal and Terminal 2.

To find out at which SFO terminal your United flight is arriving at, press here.

Departures Terminal:

When it comes to United Airlines flights departing from the SFO, the same rules apply. Which is why it is also better to check exactly where you can expect to find your gate at (gate number and terminal), at the SFO prior to your flight time. You can do so here.

But you can most likely find your United flight departing from Terminal 3. The International Terminal and Terminal 2 are also valid options, so make sure to get your information set ahead of time.


This is the case with most flights, as set terminals and gate numbers are not written in stone. For that reason, it is best to always be prepared before you get to the airport. And if you are arriving at the SFO, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the details so that you save yourself some valuable time. Check out the SFO flight tracker here.


Your United flight may operate from different terminals for many reasons. One of which is that your flight may be headed to or coming from an international destination. The other reason is that it could be a codeshare flight with other companies. This means that it will arrive at or depart from the terminals through which these airlines operate at.

These airlines include:

  • Air Canada
  • Air New Zealand
  • All Nippon Airways – ANA
  • Copa Airlines