WestJet Airlines


Website: https://www.westjet.com/en-ca

Phone number: 888.937.8538

Arrivals Terminal:

WestJet Airlines is a Canadian-based airline company. And although international flights are often welcomed at the International Terminal, some Canadian flights may be welcomed alongside other domestic flights in terminals 1, 2, and 3, at the SFO.

So, WestJet may arrive at the International Terminal or at Terminal 1, also known as the Harvey Milk Terminal. In some cases, it may even arrive at Terminal 2.

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Departures Terminal:

Similar to the situation with the arriving flights, departing WestJet flights often operate from the International Terminal, but they may operate from Terminal 1 as well. And again, under some circumstances, such as codeshare flights, they may operate from Terminal 2.

At the International Terminal, you can find the WestJet gate at Zone A. The check-in desks should be on the third level of the terminal.

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Although WestJet is right now not a member of any specific alliance, it has active partnerships with several airlines around the world. Through these partnerships, it is better able to codeshare flights. At the SFO, the WestJet codesharing of flights happens with AeroMexico and Delta Air Lines mostly.